IT security report

Adware, spyware, ransomware, worms, crawlers, hacker administrator's kit, trojans, viruses and more claim millions of lives worldwide each year.

In 2017, globally, US $ 120 billion was invested in cybersecurity (in Canada: 2.26 billion) to cope with the strong growth in hacking and to avoid the direct and indirect costs caused by security breaches.


Is your network secure? Are your sensitive data protected?

We can check the efficiency of your systems and identify areas for improvement by performing an IT security report.

Since our approach is based on transparency ...

… Note that no IT expert can guarantee the absolute security of your networks and your data. However, we promise to significantly increase your level of security and provide you with all the support you need.

Our security report

Access control and data protection

  • Events related to high-risk applications
  • Data leaks

Threat prevention

  • Bot-related events
  • Virus-related events
  • Zero-day events
  • Attacks and intrusions


  • Verification of compliance with EcoSysIP best practices.
  • Verification of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Industrial controls

  • Segmentation of the IT / TO border (operational technologies)
  • Visibility of SCADA traffic

Have you recently invested significant sums in the security of your network?

Our report will be able to objectively testify to the performance of your IT systems and solutions currently in place.

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Phishing campaign

Phishing is a scam attempt in which a hacker attempts to steal information (login ID, account information, credit card number, personal information, etc.) by pretending to be for a reliable person, for a well-known company or even by a government by communicating mainly by email or text.

As fraudulent emails and texts become more credible and persuasive, it's likely that more than one of your employees could eventually get tricked, putting your network at significant risk.

EcoSysIP offers to run phishing campaigns within your company in order to identify the employees most likely to be caught by phishing attempts. Knowing the weak links in your organization will allow you to educate the individuals concerned about the dangers of phishing and teach them how to spot them better.

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