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Since 2011, we have been offering an EcoSystem of integrated, efficient, complementary and scalable IT solutions with human nature.


Comprised of an experienced team of IP technology consultants and business solution integrators, EcoSysIP ensures IT security and cybersecurity in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec for SMBs, large companies, educational institutions and government bodies.

We distinguish ourselves by our offer of cutting-edge solutions, but also by our complete and convergent services which, together, form our cohesive and secure EcoSystem.

President and founder of EcoSysIP, Daniel Sarrasin has more than 30 years of experience in the field. During his career, he went from technician to security and network architect, before founding EcoSysIP, in 2011, to meet growing IT security needs with a different approach from the rest of the industry.

A collaboration based on our values


Since the intangibility of IT makes it difficult to understand their challenges, we believe it is our responsibility to inform you about how the solutions we offer you work and the benefits you can derive from them according to your needs and your situation. .


Faced with the multitude of available IT technologies, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to make informed choices. Our vast experience in the field allows us to guide you skillfully in your projects: your new IT EcoSystem will consist of the most efficient technologies with simplified management.

Surpassing yourself

Going beyond our limits is our second nature. To be up to date in this world where everything is evolving at lightning speed, our EcoSysTeam uses continuous training, exchanges learning and knowledge, becomes more and more specialized ... It is this ease of adaptation that makes us so agile.  


Our consultants understand the complexity of their world, but speak your language.

Support, secure, build loyalty.

A fulfilled team, a client who benefits

The complementarity and balance reigning in nature inspire us to focus first on the development of the members of our EcoSysTeam and then consider achieving our business objectives, such as offering you unparalleled service.

Like a plant whose growth depends on the care we give it and from which we ultimately reap the fruits, we strive above all to cultivate the well-being of our employees, in order to prepare them to give you the best of themselves in return.


To promote well-being ...

… We recognize the work and skills of each of our employees.

Result : a motivated and fulfilled team

… We encourage harmonious relationships in the workplace.

Result : a spirit of frank camaraderie and mutual aid in the workplace