Productivity + Security + Peace of mind

For a simplified IT EcoSystem

Secure your networks thanks to our proven technologies and our in-depth expertise.


Our purpose : your IT security

Our simplified IT EcoSystem is rooted in the need of SMBs, large enterprises, banking institutions, educational institutions and governments to increase their security as their activities and productivity increasingly depend on their IT networks and related technologies.

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Our founding principle : foster collaboration between IT solutions

Too often, IT professionals deploy technologies that work in silos, undermining their potential. For our part, we believe in the strength of interconnected technologies whose performance increases tenfold when they communicate with each other, in order to exchange information essential to network and data security. With the support of experienced members of our EcoSysTeam  , the technologies that make up your collaborative IT EcoSystem will provide you with maximum protection.

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Integrated and converged IT solutions for a high level of security

Worried about ransomware, viruses, malware and other threats?

In addition to the next generation firewall   and SIEM , EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions will help protect you from sneak attacks that can be very costly and seriously damage your reputation.  

Find out what EDR does for you.

Do you have employees working from home?

Teleworking is enjoying unprecedented popularity. However, your employees working from home are more vulnerable to threats on your network than those working in your offices or facilities.

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We can check the efficiency of your systems and identify areas for improvement by performing an IT security report. Our report will be able to objectively testify to the performance of your IT systems and solutions currently in place.



We help you better understand the IT ecosystem so you can make the best possible decisions for your business when it comes to equipment and security.

Secure your business, the easy way


Managed Services

EcoSysIP's managed security service allows you to protect all of your IT infrastructure and see how its various components (firewall, EDR, SIEM, etc.) are working for you. So you can easily see their effectiveness.

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Managed services for more freedom

Is your current network secure?

If you are asking yourself the question, it is because the doubt remains. Our security record will tell you if your concerns are valid and how we could improve the security of your network and better protect your data.

See how we go about building a safety record.

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Is your business going through changes that require an overhaul of its IT facilities?

You could benefit from our expertise in needs analysis and whiteboarding. At your request, we can, based on our assessments, design a refreshed (or even entirely new) IT architecture that maximizes the efficiency of any local and / or remote networks we build.

Discover the benefits you could reap after entrusting us with the overhaul of your architecture.

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The EcoSysIP advantage

Each member of our team of IT experts is specialized in one of the solutions and / or services that we offer, while having an excellent knowledge of the other components of your IT EcoSystem. By uniting their strengths and expertise, they will be able to guide and support you adequately in carrying out your technological projects.

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The EcoSysIP advantage

We do more than offer you solutions: we deploy them in such a way that they converge and communicate with each other nimbly. In the fight against threats, these exchanges of information are crucial.   

Enjoy complete freedom in the development of your business. While we manage your network and its security, as well as that of all its components and devices, you will be able to devote 100% of your time and energy to making your business thrive.

Our Business EcoSystem

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A dynamic of interdependence closely links EcoSysIP, its customers and its partners.

Driven by our values, we come to the aid of our customers thanks to the technological intelligence of our partners, whose progress is in turn supported by the implementation of their advances at our customers.