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Cloud Security | Protection against phishing and ransomware

Your network is most likely deployed in the cloud: all company emails are stored there, along with a significant portion (if not all) of your data. Today, hackers are increasing attacks in the cloud, which is why all companies should be careful to keep their cloud secure, including protecting against phishing and ransomware .


Cloud computing: security above all else

Cloud computing allows data to be transmitted over the Internet and stored on servers located sometimes outside Canada, which is not without risk, among other things because the data is subject to the laws of the country where it is located and not to Canadian ones.

You are responsible

Since you can use the cloud to store various data concerning your business, but also that of your customers, in the event of a leak, hack, fraud or other malicious act, the law could hold you responsible. It goes without saying that it is in your best interests to ensure that you have an adequate security system.

According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, in 2018, 50% of companies with 50 to 249 employees used cloud computing, while this figure climbed to more than 70% for those with 250 or more employees. And the popularity of cloud computing is not about to run out of steam!

EcoSysIP's cloud solutions include:

  • the architecture of the cloud infrastructure;
  • cloud security;
  • cloud backup.

Email security: beyond SPAM

Email security, of course, depends on effective spam filtering (SPAM), but primarily on adequate protection against phishing, the repercussions of which can be devastating for a business.

Specialty insurer Beazley claims that 24% of reported IT incidents are the result of business email attacks.


Email is used extensively by hackers to deploy their various phishing strategies. By sending malicious emails, they attempt to extract personal information (full name, social insurance number, credit card number, password, etc.) for fraudulent purposes.


Protect yourself against phishing

Would you like to know who your employees are most at risk of falling into the trap in order to make them aware of the danger?

Ransomware is one of the most popular phishing strategies, and people and businesses fall victim to it and pay a heavy price every day.

Ransomware, a plague

Ransomware often takes the form of an email with a clickable link or an attachment which, once opened, allows the perpetrator to take the data of his victim's network hostage: the perpetrator then demands a ransom in exchange. from which he "undertakes" to give the victim back access to his data.

With just one click, your entire business network can   be taken hostage.

Yes. The solutions EDRs are very effective at detecting ransomware and eliminating it to prevent data from being held hostage. EcoSysIP offers you a set of solutions including EDR which, working together, will offer you unparalleled protection against ransomware.

When your system is held hostage, unfortunately, it will be difficult for you to find all your data on your own. Faced with this impasse, some decide to pay the ransom, but we do not recommend submitting to hackers' demands in this way, as there is no guarantee that they will give your data back to you once they get their money.

If you have been struck by ransomware, EcoSysIP can help you minimize its losses and prevent its spread: contact us now.


Ask us how we can help you protect your business from ransomware.

Our email security solutions

Our messaging security systems:

  • Analyze incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Protect your systems from links and malicious software (phishing attempts, including ransomware, and cyber fraud).

The advantages of these solutions (like the sandbox)

  • Integrate easily with corporate servers and most email software.
  • Scan attachments attached to emails in a platform called a sandbox, which allows you to keep business going and avoid wasted time while processing documents.
  • Help protect against a company's biggest flaw: human error.

Encrypted emails for more confidentiality

Your email communications may often contain sensitive information, either for you, your recipients, or both.

EcoSysIP offers you email security systems that encrypt your messages (encrypted emails) so that all the information you exchange by email remains confidential at all costs, for the good of your business and your relationships with your customers.

It may not be too late

If you have been struck by ransomware, EcoSysIP can help you minimize its losses and prevent its spread.