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Now more than ever, companies must adapt to a new way of operating: teleworking. In this context, they must be able to offer a mobile, agile and flexible working environment while maintaining the same level of productivity, or even increasing it.

In a survey of 200 companies in the United States, Malwarebytes reports that 20% of them were victims of a cyber attack because of an employee teleworking between March and November 2020, during the COVID-pandemic. 19.

EcoSysIP offers various solutions to companies with several employees working from home.


To protect your network and control access to data

Access to the corporate network by teleworking employees must be secured accordingly.


Because the WiFi connection that employees use to connect to the network from home or in restaurants or cafes may not be secure enough to protect the network from attacks and intrusions.

Our solutions allow you ...

... to prevent ransomware

The EDR solution offered by EcoSysIP helps prevent ransomware: it is the first line of defense against these threats.

...   prevent identity theft

We advise teleworking employees who wish to access the company network and data to use the multi-factor authentication instead of a simple username and password, which hackers can find or crack   quite   easily.

...   identify where potential data leaks come from

To prevent data leaks or to react quickly in the event of a leak, we offer solutions that ensure their traceability. Thus, you will be able to clearly identify a person or a workstation that represents a risk of breach.

Secure your teleworking equipment now and protect yourself against viruses, ransomware, data theft and more.

Secure the equipment of your employees

Telecommute now and protect yourself against viruses, ransomware, data theft and more.

To keep your equipment in compliance with the rules

When it comes to telecommuting, consistency in the IT equipment used is essential to better management of security and operations. EcoSysIP offers you to equip your employees with the same computers, equipped with the same applications and the same IT security solutions, such as EDR solutions, antivirus and firewalls. This will ensure that all programs and applications are updated simultaneously and that your security is maximized.

Since your employees must also apply the same rules when it comes to computer security, it will be much easier, with uniform equipment, to ensure compliance with each employee's practices and their productivity.

EcoSysIP advantages

  • We offer you state-of-the-art equipment from the best manufacturers.
  • We offer you to configure the equipment according to your needs before its distribution to your employees (applications, security settings and more).
  • We offer you the option of integrating your standard image into laptops and other workstations that you order.
Be present anytime, anywhere at the same time

To collaborate better - Tools and software for teleworking

To stay productive, your telecommuting employees must have access to the necessary resources and be able to interact with their colleagues, supervisors and clients as if they were in the office. EcoSysIP offers software and applications that adapt to your business and help you achieve your goals.

Microsoft Team

Secure collaborative platform facilitating teamwork in a telecommuting context.

  • Videoconferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Co-editing of files in real time (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • Storage of files that can be viewed and edited by those who have been given access to them.

Call us to resume your cruising speed, in complete safety.

Has your business not been operating at full capacity for some time? Teleworking, however, shouldn't slow your pace.