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Needs analysis and whiteboarding

EcoSysIP's primary role is to advise you on the IT solutions you really need.

You could benefit from our IT services and advice, especially if:

  • your business is growing and its IT infrastructure is no longer adequate;
  • the smooth running of your activities and the productivity of your employees depend more and more on the performance and security of its computer network;
  • some of your employees telecommute;
  • you need to replace your servers or computers;
  • your needs are moving more and more towards the cloud.

We help you better understand the IT ecosystem so you can make the best possible decisions for your business when it comes to equipment and security.

Entrusting us with the management of your IT infrastructures means:

  • save: thanks to our advice, you will avoid purchasing equipment and solutions that do not meet your needs;
  • save precious time, which will help you focus more on developing your business;
  • finally having a network in which all the equipment is interconnected: finished, working in isolation.
  • benefit from the expertise of our   specialists;
  • sleep soundly as we keep your network secure.

Are you facing an IT problem? Let us support you and find the solutions that suit you.

We help you better understand the IT EcoSystem so you can make the best possible decisions for your business when it comes to equipment and security.

Network architecture and network design

The network architecture forms the basis of all the services offered by EcoSysIP.

Based on our interviews and the analysis of your needs, we will design the architecture of your company's network(s) (or we will make the necessary modifications to existing ones) to meet both current and future needs. EcoSysIP architectures are solid, resilient, scalable and secure, which maximizes the efficiency of any local (and/or remote) networks we build.


Zero Trust

EcoSecurity , the sealed infrastructure designed by EcoSysIP , is based on the Zero Trust security model. As the name suggests, this model assumes that no user is 100% trustworthy. Therefore, no user should ever have easy access to resources.

By applying the principles of Zero Trust , you make sure to use rigorous and efficient authentication methods and to limit access to data according to the permissions granted to each user.

Zero Trust: an imperative in a telecommuting context

Previously, any user who worked on the corporate network was considered trustworthy. Now, with telecommuting, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Shadow IT, IoT, and cloud adoption, businesses have no choice but to tighten up their security. This is why the Zero Trust considers all resources to be external: thus, before being granted access to your company's network, each user, device, application or others must go through various security measures.

The advantages of Zero Trust

  • Establishes trust with the user with each access request, regardless of its origin.
  • Secures access to corporate applications and network.
  • Exercises controls to enforce company policies consistently.
  • Improves visibility to users, devices, components, and more, across your entire environment.
  • Generates alerts and analytical reports to better detect and respond to threats.
  • Accelerates migration to the cloud.

Our Agile Methodology

We are :

EXPERTS - We design complete security infrastructures for your start-up business or your new branch.

AGILE and INNOVATIVE - We secure your existing infrastructures, including your networks and your data, while optimizing their efficiency.


Our different methodology

The customer is and always will be at the center of our business strategy. This is why our AGILE EcoSysIP model is designed to offer you the best possible service.

Many companies specializing in IT mandate unique consultants who take care of both the architecture and design phase of the network as well as those of experimentation and operationalization. For its part, EcoSysIP rather deploys an entire team, one or more members of which are busy carrying out each of these phases. We call this resource virtualization.

The benefits of resource virtualization

+ Efficient

Virtualization of resources. You make sure that there will always be someone available to work on your case.


IT consultant. You may have to deal with longer delays. For example, if your consultant is unable to work on your file for a few days or weeks because he is ill or is devoting himself to another mandate, you will have no other choice but to 'wait.

+ Specialized

Virtualization of resources. Our EcoSysTeam is made up of different specialists: in architecture / design, in experimentation and in operationalization. Everyone has extensive knowledge in their specialty while being familiar with the whole of the IT EcoSystem that they participate in designing. Together, our team members are able to face the biggest challenges.    


IT consultant. Since he must take charge of all the phases, his knowledge remains general. Therefore, it may be less able to find solutions to very difficult problems.  

+ Long-term accessibility

Virtualization of resources. You are sure to always be able to benefit from the support of our team, available at all times for emergencies.


IT consultant. Once they have completed the operationalization phase, the IT consultant can be difficult to reach and may not be able to help you out when you need them, since they are monopolized elsewhere.

Together, let's carry out your IT projects

Our consultants understand the complexity of their world, but speak your language.