Networking and Wifi

Switches, routers and WiFi are part of the majority of private or public networks.

Together, they offer several advantages:

Improve security

  • Help prevent attacks and help thwart them with a   optimal segmentation, from the network to the cloud.

Monitor the network proactively

  • By analyzing network activity, they spot, report and isolate abnormal behaviors before they become problems.

Adapt to all needs

  • Different control modes make it possible to manage the desired security levels.
  • Can be designed for IoT ( Internet of Things) and IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things) .

Simplify operations

  • Allow centralized control of network policy;
  • Allow to manage the network on a single page;
  • Per put to integrate IT flows;
  • Facilitates the deployment of an SD-WAN network.

Improve the customer experience

  • Improve the performance of applications in the cloud and on-premises, which increases employee productivity and ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

Keep pace with technology

  • As your business needs evolve and adapts to the technologies your business adopts over time .

Networks designed by EcoSysIP

Switches, routers, and Wifi Access Points are the foundation of the reliable, resilient, secure and high-performance computer networks we design.   

Learn more about our custom network architecture and design service tailored to your business needs.

Network Access Control - NAC

Occupying an important place in the security system, the NAC makes it possible to limit access to the network to authorized (or trusted) devices only and to check whether they do indeed meet the criteria chosen, in which case the NAC will give them access.

Once on the network, each user or administrator can know their level of access thanks to the NAC.

How does it protect you?

Unlike a firewall, which protects your network from potential attacks from outside, network access control allows threats to be intercepted within your network (this is called zero trust security. ).

To do this, it can:

  • verify the security posture of a user, device or operating system, or determine if they comply with security policies ;
  • prohibit a non-compliant device from accessing the network and place it in quarantine . It can prevent, for example, a hacker from infiltrating your network through an Ethernet port or a wireless access point;
  • block, isolate and repair devices that do not comply with established compliance, automatically;
  • ensure the security of the network while multiple Internet devices per object (I o T) are connected to it (through threat profiling and limiting access for certain categories of devices);
  • redirect guests on a customizable portal where they must register and authenticate.  

The NAC also allows :

  • permission to restricted access to your guests network , visitors, partners and subcontractors who are not employees;
  • to verify the compliance of devices used by teleworking employees before giving them access to the network.

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