An essential product for computer security, the firewall protects your network from various threats. Like an impenetrable concrete wall, it is interposed between the internet and your company's internal network: thus, it controls all access and authorizes or denies their passage. A company that does not have a firewall is therefore exposed to high risks of cyber attacks that can come from anywhere in the world.

According to the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), there are around 177,300 cyberattacks per day on the planet.


Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Not all next-generation firewalls are created equal when it comes to protection against cyber attacks. Some include features that others do not. Your business needs, your security posture and your sensitive data will determine the level of security your firewall should provide.

A firewall does not have an unlimited lifespan . Over time, the level of protection gradually decreases due to the emergence of new cyber attacks and the ever-changing evolution and transformation of security technology. If security is of the utmost importance to you, you should check whether your current firewall can cope with the latest threats.

To do this, we can prepare an IT security report for you, which will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure.

The firewall: essential, but not invincible

Although the firewall is the cornerstone of your computer security, it is not enough to protect you from all attacks. Rather, it is part of an EcoSystem of equipment and solutions that are just as essential to protecting your network and your data.

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Your next-generation firewall must be able to protect:

  • your networks against intrusion threats by the various attack vectors (virus or malware);
  • the high-importance applications on which your sensitive information circulates (scalable segmentation and low latency);
  • your data in the public or private cloud.

The advantages of the next generation firewall

  • Identifies and neutralizes threats.
  • Allows you to control applications.
  • Adapts to the evolution and appearance of threats to ensure better protection of the network.

With new generation firewalls, take advantage of ...

... an intelligent system

Next-generation firewalls provide multi-layered protection by examining traffic on different levels of the network. They now protect applications and give you the ability to better control the data and information entering and leaving your network.

... a simple and versatile infrastructure

One of the main benefits of next-generation firewalls is the simplicity of the infrastructure, which makes it much easier for your IT team to deploy new policies across the network from a single device.

With the Next Generation Firewall, you can upgrade and adapt your network security in real time to keep pace with and adapt to changing threats.

... a network at constant speed

You can continuously improve and strengthen your protection without compromising your network speed.

Protect yourself now

Your firewall is not adapted to current threats? Do you suspect that you are not being adequately protected?